Hello NBR,

I Just installed windows 8 on my old M17x-R1, but i have been running in to some problems. First of all my computer runs really good, except for the fact, that it boots really slow. Windows itself runs really fast under the whole bootup process, but my startup programs doesn't even start to load before a while after i entered the desktop. I ran some of the built in performance tools, and i came up with three programs slowing my boot:

1. Windows Modules Installer worker
Filename: TiWorker.exe
The delay is around 85 seconds

2. Antimalware Service Executable
Filename: MsMpEng.exe
delay: 34,8 seconds

3. Steam
which has a delay around 34 seconds too.

I also experience that my sound service act strange. I don't know if it has any relation to the slow startup.. But the problem is the little sound control in the right corner. It takes almost 10 seconds before it's opened and responding after i press it. If i try too access the sound settings from control panel, i also get a really long waiting time. There's an IDT sound card in my computer, and i tried to update it with various drivers, but with no luck..

Any help would be much appreciated!!