Quantcast Rm clock Dead? Any replacements.

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    Default Rm clock Dead? Any replacements.

    Hey i was wondering if anyone knows if there is any news on Rm clock
    It still works for me but was hoping for updates at some point.

    If you don't know what it is, it let you under/overclock easily and also under volt, useful on some hotter laptops. Also has some power management tools and tracks cpu load.

    It is much more convenient than having separate programs but I was wondering if anyone knows of something to replace the functions of for xp and vista.

    My older laptop (windows xp may switch to windows 7) can't run for very long without undervolting and having programs that are updated more often would be useful.

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    Default Re: Rm clock Dead? Any replacements.

    You could try NHC or Crystal CPUID

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    Default Re: Rm clock Dead? Any replacements.

    RMC was just a project started years ago. Unfortunately the programmers have a busy life and families to support. They do not have the time to work for free.

    They claimed that the project isnt dead, just inactive. It would be great if they handed it over to Sourceforge.

    I wouldnt expect any updates anytime soon... or maybe ever.

    RMclock works fine on Windows 7.
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    Default Re: Rm clock Dead? Any replacements.

    RMClock is too unupdated to work correctly on my U330...

    Something new would be great.
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