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    Default convert .exe to .inf

    I am trying to run nLite to burn a bootable disc. I have a .exe file that needs to be converted to .inf inorder to be mounted onto the cd... Are there any programs out there that can convert .exe to .inf?

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    Default Re: convert .exe to .inf

    Do you mean create a .inf Autorun file? I never heard of converting a .exe to .inf.

    If you want to make a Bootable disc, use Autorun Inf Editor 1.0. It's extremely simple to use. Just make sure the .exe and/or Icon are in the Root as with the created .inf file.

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    Default Re: convert .exe to .inf

    Exe files are executables or simply programs, while inf files are plain text files with parameters required for installing device drivers; OR in a special case like Autorun.inf, parameters specifying what to do when you insert the CD/DVD. There is absolutely no way to convert an exe to an inf (there is no meaning in it either).

    I think as LIVEFRMNYC guessed, you are asking about autorun.inf. To execute an exe when you insert a CD/DVD you need to create a plain text file with the name Autorun.inf and place it in the root directory of the CD/DVD. It should contain the following text :


    Give the path of the exe to run after open= and the path of the icon to be displayed after icon=. For more information about autorun.inf take a look here.



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