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    Default Increasing Color Saturation

    This thread got me thinking. Is there any way to increase the color saturation of your screen using intel integrated graphics?

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    Default Re: Increasing Color Saturation

    Hm. On the color tab for my desktop's integrated graphics, I can alter gamma, brightness, and contrast (and can do so for each color channel--rgb). I know its not the same as saturation . . .
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    Default Re: Increasing Color Saturation

    I would like to know as well..how to make the colors more vivid? with x3100 card?

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    Default Re: Increasing Color Saturation

    I think there has to be a "digital vibrance" option available in the video card's control panel and currently it is not available in the x3100's control panel. The only way it would be is if there were new drivers for the x3100. Does anybody know of any?

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    Default Re: Increasing Color Saturation

    There may be some driver options, but you're also limited with LCD's because they mix blue, green and red sub-pixels to create any color they show. Because of that, they are often limited in the "saturation" that they can display. But I don't have an X3100 or run Vista, so I'd have no idea about how to actually maximize what you can do toward it, if anything at all.
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