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    Default 17 inch laptop with 1080p screen

    Beyond the hardcore gaming machines and the Macbook pro what 17 inch laptops are available with a 1080 screen?

    I'm budgeting approx $1,500 for this purchase.

    Dell XPS would be cool, but for some reason only the 900p resolution is offered. Going down to 16 inches the Sony F Series seems like a possible option ... any comments on this model.

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    Default Re: 17 inch laptop with 1080p screen

    The best laptop for a 1080p screen is Qosmio X505-Q894 Laptop but screen is 18.4

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    Default Re: 17 inch laptop with 1080p screen

    There's MSI laptops Sager, G73, and others that would fall under that category and price range.

    I would recommend the Sager NP8170 it falls under $1300 on XoticPC and it has the new Sandy Bridge processor.

    If your going to purchase the laptop from U.S try visit this site it will take you to their 17" section. I'm sure at least 1 laptop will take your liking.
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    Default Re: 17 inch laptop with 1080p screen

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnberg79 View Post
    excuse the copy paste from the other thread since this one fits you also


    One of the best laptops out there for $1500

    New sandy bridge core i7 quad
    Nvidia GTX 460M, one of the best single GPUs out there for laptops
    Full HD 1920*1080 OLED screen
    8GB DDR3 ram
    1TB 7200rpm HD
    And one of the best audio systems on laptops onboard

    2 videos to give you an idea
    YouTube - MSI GT680 and GT780
    YouTube - MSI GT680R 15.6" Gaming Notebook Dynaudio Speakers test
    The link goes to a 15.6" model - the thread specifically states 17" screen.

    Depending on your confidence, you can always swap the screen of (any brand - Dell in this case) your laptop - here's a (brand specific) link: Official "swapping the XPS 17 L701x screen" thread

    However, in all honesty, I'd wait until around Feb 14th - the dust will have settled a little from the new sandy bridge launches by major brands (in that - if one major brand launch a new range, you'd suspect their competitors will have a response in terms of models) and you'll have a more realistic over-view of the market.

    That's if you can wait 2 weeks


    To make this post make sense: Dell are releasing the new 702x models in Feb, which feature sandy bridge + options for 1080p screens; I suspect other brands will be releasing their responses to this launch as well.
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