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    Quote Originally Posted by Reize
    The 12-cell for the DV1000 only adds about half a pound which is pretty negligible in my opinion.
    Yes but I don't like the look of it sticking out. I went and "test drove" the dv1000 today, I can't say I loved the feel of it. I don't like the left and right click bottons or the finger bad. They both have texture feel that isn't pleasent The screen was very reflective, more so than the other 14" glossy screens around it. I love the sony's, I just wish the batter life wasn't horrible.

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    Yeah, I noticed HP Compaq's Glossy screens were much more reflective than others, but I prefer matte myself because I write a lot.

    I don't like it sticking out either, good thing I don't need an enormous amount of battery life.
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