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    Default USB Hub & Slow Recognition

    I connect mouse & keyboard to a laptop via a non-powered 4 port USB hub and realize the laptop take 5 minutes to recognize mouse & keyboard. Anybody know why ?

    If I connect mouse & keyboard directly to laptop (don't use USB hub) laptop recognizes them immediately.

    Do you think I can get rid of above problem by getting a powered usb hub ? What is the good quality one to buy ?

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    Default Re: USB Hub & Slow Recognition

    I have before purchased a slow USB hub like you say you have...although mine wasnt as slow it still took maybe a minute or two to recognize a device...I gave up on the idea and didnt buy another one...

    However, i suggest going to www.Newegg.com and looking them up and reading the user reviews for the various models...Neweggs user reviews are sometimes very helpful in order to avoid a bad product..

    ~Hopes this helps

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    Default Re: USB Hub & Slow Recognition

    Please don't double post 3 days later.

    Mouse & keyboard slow down



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