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    Default Stop battery from charging

    Is there a way I can stop my notebook battery from charging; I use my notebook more as a tabletop and it's always on AC power. I would run my notebook without the battery, but I the footrest and I don't want the connectors to get dirty. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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    Can you just simply unplug the computer? And set the end of the cord on the desk?
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    Default Re: Stop battery from charging

    You the footrest?

    Where is the battery on your machine? If it pops out the bottom, I don't have any ideas, but if it is like my old Dell or a bunch of the Asus notebooks, sliding out of the front or back, you can just disconnect it and leave it sitting in the slot.

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    Well...there is always some current of power going into the battery if it is connected to the notebook and you are on AC power. Yes - if you take it out, you can just put something over the connectors...a piece of duct tape perhaps (just make sure it doesn't stick to the connectors).
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    Default Re: Stop battery from charging

    All modern laptop will stop charging the battery when it's full and leaving it in the laptop is not really going to affect the longevity. Modern Li-Ion just have about a 3-4 year shelf life weither you use it or not.
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