Quantcast 8510p vs nc8430 for college

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    Us 8510p vs nc8430 for college

    I have been waiting for the 8510p much like everyone else for quite some time now. I know the main advantage is that the 8510p is Santa Rosa and has a DX10 GPU, but do you really think it is worth it to wait for the 8510p and pay even more?

    I would plan on using this notebook for college. I'm a casual gamer, the newest game I play is Call of Duty 2. Other than that, I would use it for the typical school uses.

    Also, just a random question, does anyone know why when you customize an 8430, it is way more expensive?


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    Default Re: 8510p vs nc8430 for college

    When you customize, that means it is not a standard model that they constantly produce on assembly lines. Thus the higher price, because HP has to go a little more out of the way to manufacture it.

    Personally, write down the specs you want and get the lowest priced pre-configured model that fits them all. Compare that price to a CTO, and take the lesser of the two (probably pre-configured).
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