Quantcast M55-S325-how to replace RAM under the keyboard?

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    Default M55-S325-how to replace RAM under the keyboard?

    I couldn't find the specific info on the manual beside recommending "the Toshiba-authorized service." Would it be too hard for a user to upgrade?

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    Default Re: M55-S325-how to replace RAM under the keyboard?

    Shouldn't be. Generally there are a few screws underneath that you have to remove. On my Fujitsu they were under the battery, I'm not sure where they are on yours.

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    Default Re: M55-S325-how to replace RAM under the keyboard?

    I would think that the RAM upgrade would be very similar to the one I just did on my M60. There was one screw on the bottom side of the laptop, but it didn't just fall out after the screw was removed (the screw was a standard #1 phillips). You should also have a flat screwdriver handy because there are two tabs on the sides of the cover that hold it in, you need to get one of the tabs to pop out and then the other should come easier and then it will just fall out. There were two clips one on each side that held the RAM down and when you push out on the clips the RAM will pop up to about a 45 degree angle or so and then you can just remove it and install your new RAM. I was careful not to force the cover because I wasn't sure how strong it was if I would break it or not. It was fairly easy just be careful not to break the cover and you have it made. Hope this helps!

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