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    Default Reformatting my Toshiba Laptop

    Hi, I own a Toshiba A105 2716 Satellite. And after much use I decided it was time for a reformat. I popped the recovery disk in, held down C like the manual said during the boot, and waited for the reformat to start. It started by saying "Loading RAMDISK", it then went to another loading bar that briefly flashed "Loading Recovery Tool" and then it went back to booting Windows normally. How can I fix this. I really need to reformat. I also tried then doing the same process with a whole new windows disk, this time it had an error on the Yukon system.

    Basically, I am wondering if I can fix this problem or is there an alternate method of reformatting my system. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Reformatting my Toshiba Laptop

    I dont have your model notebook but this is what i do when i format. you can put the cd in the drive, and restart your computer, when you start to boot back up there should be a black screen that says something along the lines of "press any key to boot from CD" or something along those lines i dont remember it by heart, press anykey and it should give you options to format your drive. Another thing i have done is just put in the cd while in normal windows desktop screen and wait for the cd to bring up the interface and there should be a recovery option, just click appropriate icons, and the computer should handle the rest. hope it helps

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    Default Re: Reformatting my Toshiba Laptop

    I think you press F12 when it first boots up, then select the cd-rom with the recovery disk in and boot it off from there
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