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    Default Why should I consider not buying a Satellite laptop anymore?

    [Please note that I initially post on the Toshiba forum, but it have been removed and I have been contacted privately]

    I have bought my first Toshiba in the 80's. All my laptop computer were Toshiba ones, and I am seriously considering never buying Toshiba anymore, why ?!

    In Summer 2002, my Toshiba computer had an unexpected hardware failure. Since I have not bought any special maintenance contract, it have taken more than 2 weeks to get it back. Too long for my business, so I bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite 5100. A wonderfull computer with an amazing 1600x1200 15 inch screen, 60Mb HDD and a powerfull 1.7 MHz CPU. Still last week, it was a perfect workstation that I have used a lot during 3 years.

    However, Toshiba computers seems to dislike hot summer. My marvellous laptop had an hardware failure late on friday. This time, I have bought an extented warranty, called Service Plus Pack, which promise the following:
    • 1 to 3 year warranty extension
    • Pick-up and return of your computer: Toshiba ensure a careful and
      appropriate transportation of your computer to their technical
      facilities for free.
    • Priority repair: if no unavalaible part is required, your computer is
      repaired in 24 hour which with transport, gives an overall repair in
      about 4 days
    • Free phone number to call the repair center.

    So I have had a good Week End thinking that my computer can be repaired without problem during this week. Seems that I was dreaming !
    I have called the free phone number on Monday morning, and I have been given a pay phone number (available on the net), as a normal user without any contract!
    Calling that pay phone number, after usual case opening, I understand, that my laptop will be pickup next day afternoon, which does not seems priority support ! Moreover, I have to package the computer myself because the transporter will be standard DHL service. Where is the careful and appropriate transport that ensure the security of my laptop ? Nothing in the contract said that I have to package anything ! How could I do that appropriately ?

    Obviously, seeing two of the major offering of my contract being withdrawed without any care, I was in doubt that the rest will be respected, especially priority repair, on which I will loose all control. So I ask for a manager to complain.

    The manager I got was probably the one on duty, noting more, and he take no action to solve my problem. He can ask the service in charge of complains to call me back. Why call me back ? when ? Unacceptable, could I call them myself ? No, the service in charge of complains cannot be called directly !!! Are they afraid to receive more calls than they can treat ?

    Well, give me your manager ! The manager on duty has no manager, you should know that. Since I were paying a overcharged phone call, I finally hang up without any result.

    I call back the free phone, and I ask to talk to the product manager of the Service Plus pack ! Sorry, he is unavailable, due to toshiba services currently moving. Well, could I get its name, phone number and e-mail ? The answer of the operator were completely disappointing to me:
    "I am not authorised to give you the name and direct phone number of any internal employees. Please complains by email and I will forward your complains"

    Well, since my laptop is broken, my access to e-mail is momentarily interrupted. And should I trust Toshiba anymore now ? Can I give them my computer to repair ? to a company that consider top-secret the name of their responsibles ?

    Well, as in most cases, you finaly talk to the right person. The one who have receive the original of this post made on the Toshiba forum. He confirm that the current move of Toshiba offices has some bad consequences on the quality of service currently offered. Even if he persist that I have to package the computer myself, he had finally arrange a special pickup for me and will ensure a very fast repair. I am now less angry and I am starting reconsidering the subject of my mail. The answer will probably be linked to the final result. It will be known at the end of the week...

    Your thoughts are welcome.

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    Default Re: Why should I consider not buying a Satellite laptop anymore?


    Sorry to hear that you're having problem with your unit and with the quality of service from Toshiba, but I think there are a couple items that should be addressed.

    1. Having the Pickup & Return policy does not indicate that they will provide the packaging. I know this would be a nice thing, but it's never included. Just like if you were to ship a package, to a family memebr, you'd have to provide all the packaging yourself. This is the user's responsibility to package correctly for transport. If your notebook was to get crushed during transport, Toshiba would cover it (insured shipping).

    2. I'm not sure why you had to call a pay # for support. The pay #'s are usually for out of warranty units. If you were trying to get service for your old Toshiba notebook, then this should be expected. If it was for the new one, I'd go and try to get my money refunded.

    3. Companies rarely/never give out phone numbers, names or email addresses of internal employees. Usually, the person you're speaking to would escalate the issue to their supervisor/manager if you requested a callback. When speaking to the supervisor/manager, you can then request his/her info and this should be provided.

    4. Regarding the length of time for repairs, I suggest you see if Toshiba has any authorized repair facilities in your area. Toshiba usually authorizes local shops to repair their notebooks on Toshiba's behalf. If there's one in your area, most of these shops allow you to drop off & pickup the unit when complete. This may be significantly shorter in your repair times (no shipping time required). This information should be located somewhere in their Service & Support site.

    I hope everything works out.


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    Default Re: Why should I consider not buying a Satellite laptop anymore?


    Thank you for your careful reply.

    Regarding 1. (pickup), if it was just called pickup and return, and if they disclaim their resposability if you not package appropriately, I will completly agree with your point. However, in the french contract we have, they never talk about a box or something, they always talk about your broken notebook and they say approximatively this: Your notebook is pick up and transported in security and without fee to a Toshiba Service Center. [...] Pickup and Return Service for a transportation secure and free. There are also step by step procedure and once again, nowhere a need for packaging is mentionned.
    Since they sell the idea of a secure transportation, I do not understand what is particularly secure if I package it myself and give it to standard DHL service. Packaging and appropriate courrier service is for me what make transportation secure.

    Regarding 2. (pay phone), it was a error of the operator because Toshiba Offices in Netherlands are currently moving. All phone numbers go to the same front office and they have not dispatched me appropriatly.

    Regarding 3. (name and phone), the normal procedure would have been to transfert my phone call to an appropriate responsible immediately. That was not the case, and promise for a callback is a way to hang up in my point of view, especially when the issue is urgent. Sending an email to info@ does not seem very promising either. The post of this thread in their Forum have finaly do the trick. I have been contacted by the right person. I have name and email now.
    If I compare to other company, my last experience was Dell. They provide the name and phone number of their manager when you insist enougth, and I have been able to climb up their hierarchy up to the appropriate person. It seems to me too easy for the front office to hide problems if every communication pass throught them. And I really see no reason why I cannot get the name and phone number of the person that can help me. When this person mail me or call me back, I will obviously get that information.

    Regarding 4. (time to repair), it was just that my trust has been reduce by previous issue. I have no experience now. But my trust is better now because they finally send a special courrier to take my notebook (without packaging) and they expect that I will receive it back this week. If they do, I will have to say that after being really bad in communicating with me, they have corrected the problem with panache ! I will therefore consider the current move of their office to be the cause of my difficulties. And yes, Toshiba laptop will stay on my wish list :dell: (I am joking)

    I let you know how things works out, but it is on the right way now.

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    Default Re: Why should I consider not buying a Satellite laptop anymore?

    Well, Toshiba has just informed me that the notebook they have taken yesterday is already repaired. This is really fast and I will receive it back this week.
    I should say that this completly change my initial opinion that have been the cause of my initial post. They have started wrong but my issue has been solve better than ever.
    I will not consider this issue when it will be time for me to buy another laptop.




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