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    Default Satellite A135-S2276 running horribly slow...

    Hey guys, my girlfriend has a Toshiba Satellite A135-S2276. Its running Vista Basic on 512mb of RAM. I'm not familiar with Vista at all (so far I hate it) but from what I hear 512 is the BARE minimum to run Vista...and its best to have 1.5gigs to 2gigs of RAM to run it smoothly. Question is this, what RAM do I buy? How many slots does the A135-S2276 have? I don't know anything about working with laptops so help me out. Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Satellite A135-S2276 running horribly slow...

    yah 512mb ram along with prob a good amount of bloatware on vista would probably run slower than a 10 year old computer....

    use any ddr2 notebook memory really (200pin), they will all work - get 667mhz though which is pc5300. your laptop has 2 slots so i woudl suggest 1gb per slot. or even 2x2gb if you want, which is the best to be future proof - because its not that bad of speed being dual core 1.6ghz but 512mb memory even on xp would run so slow i can't even imagine

    i would also STRONGLY suggest install a clean install of vista (if you have a disk), that alone will already make your computer much faster because i have a feeling she has ben using it since she bought it and never did that which it probably came with ALOT of programs that just slow down the computer

    after all of that, you might like vista a bit more....
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    Default Re: Satellite A135-S2276 running horribly slow...

    Take a look at the Hot ram deals thread for great prices on DDR2 ram.

    Also look at the Vista Tweak thread
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    Default Re: Satellite A135-S2276 running horribly slow...

    512Mb ram. I thought they where stupid selling notebooks with 1 GB. Vista needs 2 Gb to run smoothly. Newegg has reasonable ram prices.



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