ZT3000 WXGA, WSXGA+, or WUXGA ?'s

Discussion in 'HP' started by bedangerous, Mar 10, 2004.

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    I am trading my zd7000 with its 17.0" WVA WXGA+ (1440x900) mostly because I think the screen resolution is inadequate. The images and text were not sharp and things looked washed out. I ran it side-by-side with my new 15.4" SXGA+ HP zv5000z and the difference is striking. I almost did not buy the zv5000z because it did not have a UXGA option, but the SXGA+ is good enough for me.
    As others have pointed out, you can easily increase the size of text and images with a high res. screen, and in doing so you reap the benefits of the increased density of the pixels. With a low res screen you are stuck with low pixel density and the resulting low image quality.
    Before you buy a low res screen, do yourself a big favor and compare it side-by-side with a high resolution screen. If I had I would never have purchased the low res zd7000.
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