Zbook 17 (G2) Questions

Discussion in 'HP' started by Mastermind5200, Jun 3, 2019.

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    1. Hello, I've seen on HP's website that they list different model numbers for the K5100M and the K3100M/K4100M heatsink, but is there any real difference? I can't seem to find any visually.
    2. As well, has anyone had any luck upgrading the M.2 drive in these?
    3. Another storage question, could I fit a 15MM 5TB HDD in one with minimal modding? It seems like there is a decent bit of room.
    4. Does anyone know if this will work with a Delta 330W meant for a AW 18? Or say any other Dell PSU?
    5. Does anyone know what the max GPU this will take is?
    Thanks for your patience.

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