Zbook 15 G6 Undervolting locked

Discussion in 'HP' started by Alyosha2001, Feb 4, 2021.

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    Hi! I have been using TrottleStop for undervolting, alongside with Notebook FanControl for many years, now, since Zbook G2. They worked on the G6, also, until it updated to 01.07.01 BIOS. Then neither the undervolting nor the control of the fans worked.
    I know the Intel engineers did this because of the Plundervolt vulnerability.
    I tried reverting to the old 01.02.02 BIOS from October 9th 2019, but all that it let me was until the 01.05.04 version. After that, "Due to the security changes to the Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware, this release is not compatible with older BIOS versions. Attempts to install older BIOS versions will be blocked." (In this release the fans' control is working).
    Are there any other users in the same situation? The notebook is a HP Zbook 15 G6 with i7-9850H hexacore CPU.
    I also posted this on ThrottleStop forums, where there seems to be a fix regarding modifying the locking bit in the BIOS on some Dell notebooks, and i have tried it, but was unable to figure it out how to adapt it.
    So, my question is if somebody knows how to get the CPU voltage control working again.
    Thank you!

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