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Discussion in 'Panasonic' started by unclemack, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Anyone else watch stuff on youtube for relaxation?
    Some of them I find annoying as hell but there are a couple I like.
    A few on sailing obviously - but while I was looking for something else I came across Electronics repair school. A guy called Sorin working out of a desk in someone else's shop in the UK, London maybe. Has a very appealing kind of slapdash-ness in his approach to repairing iphones, laptops, TVs and most other stuff that people bring in to the shop but he's a bit of a guru nonetheless.
    When his phone rings he turns off the mic and deals with it - rather than editing the video he just lets it run on - sometimes I don't even fast forward. In a way it's more honest than editing to make it look like he's faster or more professional than he is.
    He's definitely got an interesting take on the job.
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    TLDR, no.

    I appreciate that people have put time and effort to learn how to do graphic and video editing, that they have learned about the thing that they are poducing a video about, but I also don't want to wade through 5 minutes of high energy dubstep background music playing over graphic logos and credits or hear your life story while trying to figure out where the pressure relief valve on my ford escape 2.0L fuel rail is. That should take 30 seconds, tops.

    I find it akin to a mommy blogger page with 10k words on it for a recipe for knox blox.
    Just give me the damn recipe and I’ll keep coming back to your page.

    I do have a massive appreciating for people who manage to cram maximum content into minimal time.

    I LOVE the ability to watch youtube videos at 2x speed because most of my itnerestes and hobbys have tremendously steep learning curves and are very technical.

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    Exactly my thoughts. A few details are nice, but the intros can be brutal.
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    It's the freaking background music that does me in - most of it is inappropriate for the subject and is used only because it had the right license. Very few videos have the audio levels set properly - almost invariably the music blasts way too loud and the narrative fades down into the mud. Some of those people will spend a fortune on video equipment but use junk microphones that had to have come from Walmart.

    I use headphones because of hearing loss and I quit watching most utube videos because of audio issues. There are a select few channels I will re-visit because of decent production, but not many. If I need some piece of information I will watch a few search results but I sure don't go back to most.
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