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Discussion in 'Security and Anti-Virus Software' started by Drew1, Feb 16, 2018.

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    First off, does this belong in the security forum or the windows forum? So im not sure so i posted here. I use windows 10 on my laptop. I have gotten this quite a bit message on the bottom right of my laptop where the icon comes up. Can someone tell me why im getting this message? And most importantly, does it matter?

    And should i be turning it off? I read that its windows wanting to know where your location is? So is it better to have it turned off? I don't see any benefit of it on as i read that if your location service is on, windows, apps and services can use your location. Also is the way to turn it off by going to location and then turning location service off?

    Alos there seems that be an option that allows you to clear history on this device for location history. Is there a point of this or not? Also how do i know what program was using my location. I use programs like skype and a few others etc. For security purposes, is it better to have it turned off? Again, i dont know purpose of having it on.
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