Yoga 730 vs ux533 vs 15 720s vs gs63vr

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by JRE84, Apr 20, 2019.

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    Now I'm not doing a form as I've narrowed down most of my options. I'm looking at

    Dell xps 15 with 8750h 256gb 8gb 1050ti for 1300
    Lenovo 720s with 4k 512gb 16gb 1050ti for 1500
    Gs63vr with 256gb 6700hq 16gb 1tb 1080p gtx 1060
    Yoga 730 256gb 8gb 1080p 1050 1300
    Asus ux533 512gb 8gb 100rgb 1080p mx150 1300

    So as you can see my budget is around 1300.
    I want a thin and light portable laptop for music with long battery life and light gaming. Or gaming with portability. What makes my decision so hard is all these laptops have strength and weaknesses in different areas but all are good laptops. I'm leaning towards the Dell xps 15 as the 1050ti isn't half bad its slim light and battery life is over 10 hours..

    So what do you guys figure...light gaming and a great experience what would you pick...

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