Y570 Right Click Annoying Lag

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by steelroots7xe, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Hey guys!

    I'm a proud owner of the Y570 which I just purchased last month. Everything's seems to work great and is snappy, except for one thing.

    Whenever I right click on the desktop background (just to access the basic View, Sort By, Refresh, and NVIDIA Control Panel, Personalize, etc.), there is almost a 7-10 second delay then the menu pops up. This is very odd and very disappointing for a system with maxed-out specs and the SSD cache feature. My old Dell XPS and Asus F8 notebooks had practically zero lag time when right-clicking on the desktop. Typical computers would pop the menu up in less than a second.

    It's odd too because all the other right-click menus for files, programs, etc. seem to pop up in an instant. It's really just the desktop one that lags.

    Is there any setting I need to tamper with to improve this? I frequently use the right-click desktop menu for sorting programs, accessing the NVIDIA control panel and fixing screen resolution/display settings.

    I'd appreciate if anyone knows how to fix this and recommend me a solution.

    If it helps, here are my system specs:
    -i7 2630QM
    -8GB RAM
    -750GB HDD (Hard Drive) with 64GB SSD
    -NVIDIA Geforce 555M Graphics Card

    Thanks for any responses!
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