XPS install of nvme and sata HDD for max performance?

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    I haven't clean installed Windows in years. Just purchased a new 1TB nvme SSD for 9550. Would like to install 2.5" 1TB HDD after install is complete (for bulk music and documents).

    I am concerned about getting nvme drive to run at max speeds (as there is that slow HDD in the second bay and I know people had issues on the 9550). I would like to avoid Intel RST.

    Is this the optimal procedure for clean install?

    1. Rufus with USB key for Windows (GPT for UEFI, Large Fat 32, quick format, create bootable ISO...)

    2. Put drivers in separate folder in same USB key (I will get newest drivers from Intel, nvidia, etal. Dell administrator guide PDFs suggest install order)

    3. Check BIOS F2 (uefi, legacy disabled, secure boot, AHCI)

    4. F12 to select USB key for clean install

    5. During install @drive partitioning kill all partitions, then manually clean drive in command window

    6. Get going fast - choose customise settings

    7. Kill NTFS compression after desktop shows up (fsutil behavior set disablecompression 1)

    8. Don't physically install or format 2.5" HDD until all drivers are installed. Is there any special steps in disk management etc.?

    @GoNz0 had a good guide but that has been deleted.

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