XPS 9550 "Hard Drive Not Installed" - my one weird fix

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Josh Cluderay, Mar 22, 2018.

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    This might be specific to my machine, but sharing in case it helps anyone.

    I have the 9550 with 500gb M2 SSD. For the last few months I've been getting a "Hard Drive Not Installed" error about 49/50 times I start up the machine. I tried updating/reverting BIOS versions and fiddling with the settings to no avail. Also re-seated the drive several times and tried hard resets. Eventually I gave up (I'm out of warranty), and just had my laptop constantly turned on when at home.

    Recently I realised that if I pressed down on the bottom-right corner of the laptop (where the SSD is installed) it booted correctly almost ever time. I only had to do this at boot; once it found the SSD it wouldn't lose it until the machine was turned off again. After inspecting the connection with the SSD, my best guess is that pressing downwards on the middle of the drive causes the connectors to rise up and form a better connection with the motherboard.

    I then came up with the idea of putting some spare thermal pad on the middle of the SSD so that the pressure against the laptop case causes the same effect. Since doing this it has booted up with no problems for the last week.

    I'm slightly worried that this puts the SSD at higher risk of overheating - anyone have any views on that?

    Hope this info helps people with the same problem.
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