XPS 9350 logo flash then blank screen, cannot enter BIOS

Discussion in 'Dell XPS and Studio XPS' started by Roy Gao, Jul 3, 2018.

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    Hi, My 9350 suddenly has blank screen issue. It shows DELL logo then it disappears immediately. The backlight is still on but blank screen. I have to blindly input the HDD password, then external monitor would work. I cannot even reset the OS. I tried to uninstall graphics driver but still no help as the screen is blank, it would automatically install the graphics driver again.

    I tried to press D+ power and LCD is fine with RGB colors, but once I boot it, it just flash the DELL logo and it disappears in half second. When I connected to external monitor, I set it to monitor 1, duplicate, extend, none of them works, just blank, then goes back to external monitor only. So I cannot enter bios, neither can I change the HDD password.

    Today I got the T5 screw driver to open the case, remove the SSD, still the same result. I removed the CMOS battery, short the connections, still same. Occasionally the logo would last a bit longer I can see the BIOS status bar but just very shortly.

    It looks like not a software issue (not OS/driver loaded as it shows logo very shortly), could this be hardware issue? Basically I can do nothing as I cannot enter BIOS, all I can do is to use it as a PC with an external monitor.
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