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Discussion in 'Dell XPS and Studio XPS' started by el3ctronics, May 16, 2018.

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    I know my info is a bit fragmented, I work in a busy call center and do this stuff in my spare time between calls to keep busy. I am having to pull info from several sources spread across several days and bring it all together on short notice to give you all the most complete picture of what has been tried and confirmed thus far.


    1.) yes, this I know and concur is standard behavior

    2.) I am doing much of this fully remote and relying on the patience of the person on the other end trying various test cases. For the most part his machine doesn't make it longer than 30 minutes most times if it is going to freeze, so we have been calling 1-3 hours of up time a relative success. However there was at least one test case we let it go overnight and it froze after several hours of up time. If I had physical possession of the machine I would do things my own way but I don't.

    3.) I will work on pulling one from his machine.

    4.) Setting NVMe Adaptive Link to "Lowest" has yielded the best power savings and C states in my experience.

    5.) Not sure what you mean by "disabling C states is not an option"... there is a setting in BIOS to disable them at the BIOS level.

    6.) One might think, however his old SSD exhibited the same behavior, so failed/failing SSD is highly unlikely imo.

    7.) I don't think it is any of his PSUs for the fact that it happens on all 3: 1 - his Genuine Dell 130W barrel jack charger, 2 - the 240W external PSU that comes with the TB16 dock, 3- his 60W aftermarket (TB3 iirc) charger

    8.) Failing / intermittent VRMs / Mosfets / motherboard have not been fully ruled out yet, but I would suspect them to consistently fail under heavy loads, which has not been the case... it tends to fail at or near idle... literally doing nothing just idling, or even something small like just streaming a YT video or doing light office type work

    9.) We tried with Microsoft NVMe driver first and then with the Samsung NVMe driver... both have resulted in crashes.
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    Why did you change the NVMe link state, youre not allowed to do that with modern standby laptops. I asked a few questions and you didnt answer any of them. Who changed the link state and why and how, you cant do that normally via the energy profile, it is hidden normally with modern standby. Disabling the c states mostly could also be a workaround of it not triggering lower link states and somehow disconnecting the SSD. Tried to remove the SSD and check if all contacts are fine and insert it again, you said the issue happened with another SSD too?

    What was the state of the laptop after a clean AHCI installation? Why did you bug around with it already after a clean installation like changing link state ect?

    So the laptop also froze after clean installation and NOTHING changed NOTHING installed, no undervolt, no drivers ect?
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    I followed this posts:
    And now audio works without any problem. Thank you very much for suggestions!

    I have also found that generally usb hubs with embedded Ethernet port causes some computers to freeze. I guess I have to find any other workaround. But anyway, no need to update bios beyond 1.2.2 :)

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