XPS 15 9560 owners thread.

Discussion in 'Dell XPS and Studio XPS' started by GoNz0, Jan 20, 2017.

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    Did you actually manage to get this going?

    Loads of reports of USB-C failing after updating Windows 10 to 2004 back in June 2020. Haven't seen anyone manage to fix it yet.

    General advice is reboot with the device attached. See if that works.
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    Yes, I did in a way. First I bought a new enclosure as I think my old one was really failing. Second, I turned on 'pre load thunderbolt modules' in the bios. I dont remember enabling this setting, but since my motherboard is new, I am unsure of what my previous setting was.
    That seems to have done the trick, at least for my ssd and my hdd in usb-c. But now, it cant seem to read my usb-c card reader. Like you mentioned, I attach my drive before powering up, cause I noticed before that it would sometimes not detect when connected when already on. I havent done testing on the 'new' setup yet.
    My hypothesis is the same, there seems to be some undocumented bug with usb-c and Windows still; or maybe upgrade sneaked in a faulty driver and even if you install Dell's driver, maybe there are some registry entries that were not reset. One things for sure though, its not a hardware issue.

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