Xps 15 9350 dead no power no lights

Discussion in 'Dell' started by matei florin, Oct 6, 2019.

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    Hello again guys, i have bought a faulty dell xps 15 9530 laptop, the previous owner said that the laptop was cutting out of power randomly, the thing is now that i cannot get it to turn on with my test charger( i do not have the genuine charger) which is trust 19.5 70w 3.6amp, the laptop gets power on rhe components and to the battery but it will not turn on and no lights come on, the battery does not get charged( left it plugged in overnight), at one point one of the fans was spinning for 1 second and that was it, could it be because the charger does not have enough amps(6,7 on the genuine) i kind of doubt that as it should work and get a warning message. I have already did the power drain with no luck, any ideas? Thank you
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