XPS 14x (l412x) Wifi issues, replace card or use USB receiver? Advice pls

Discussion in 'Dell' started by NYCtech, Jun 9, 2018.

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    The XPS 14 seems to have issues with wifi dropping out. Ive read a few threads on here.

    One person said they have managed to replace the intel 6230 half size mini pcie card with a 7265 which is a really awesome AC card, I have one in my Asus and it gets 95% of my ethernet capacity. Officially dell says it does not support any cards outside 2 that are both N WIFI.

    Some have said the issue is that both sides are solid metal, Im not sure I believe that.

    BUT, what if it doesnt work, is a waste of $30-40.

    I note some USB AC adapters have 5DBI Aerials, which can be unscrewed for when you are closer to the AP.

    What do you think would be the best option?
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    Your only option on the Intel side is the 7260AC not the 7265 which uses M.2 unless you use a converter. You can also find some decent Broadcom or Qualcomm Atheros cards. I replaced 6230s and 6300s on some old Dell Latitudes and an Asus and Samsung that had Atheros n cards, the 7260AC worked well in all of them.

    Internal cards will be best plus it's not going through USB and those USB cards usually have small antennas and even they had decent sized ones, the placement of antennas in the laptops display bezel is usually better.
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