XPS 13 (1943) won't boot

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Rob2D, Jul 14, 2020.

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    Edit: XPS 13 9343*

    Guys, I am almost at my wits end here.

    A while back I decided to try out Ubuntu, see what was new, and ever since I can't get my BIOS to boot anything. I think something like this may have happened me:


    When I try to install an OS, I can boot from USB no problem and get it all installed, but when I reboot, the BIOS doesn't see an EFI to boot from. Now, I can go in and see the path to EFI and choose it, but the BIOS won't let me apply the change or remember it upon exit.


    And not only that but if I change my drive to MBR and try to boot legacy, it tells me there is no bootable device discovered.

    So, I figured my BIOS must be f***ed and I re-flashed it but nothing changed. Same problem. Changed SSD, same problem.

    Initially after I was done using Ubuntu for a little while and tried to switch back to Debian, the BIOS detected the install as Ubuntu in the EFI boot settings. So I'm assuming whatever Ubuntu did, it completely f***ed my BIOS chip???? Like in the article above.

    TLDR my XPS 13 won't boot anything be it UEFI or LEGACY. Is there anything I can do or am I just screwed?
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