WTB Dell Precision M6700 or M6800

Discussion in 'Want to Buy Forum' started by kroko, Oct 28, 2017.

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    I'm looking for either Dell Precision M6700 with the 10 bit IPS LCD or M6800 with eDP output. Not sure if eDP is available on M6700 motherboards, but if it is then non-IPS M6700 offers are also wellcomed.

    I need the eDP output to be able to upgrade the LCD to IPS one. If I understood corectly, there is no IPS LCD available for M6800 and the one's in M6700 are only the fancy 10bit LCDs with LVDS input. Searching at panelook.com all 17.3" IPS LCDs are using eDP with 30 pins input so I figured out that I need a machine with eDP output to be able to upgrade the LCD to IPS. I know that these are just 6bit LCDs, using different mounting type and connector position (I think it's doable), but they are cheap and deffinetely better than the TN LCDs.

    Don't care much about CPU, RAM, HDD, battery, etc. as these are easily upgradable but better GPU and CPU would be pros.

    If you are not sure about the type of display output of your machine, I think that the easyest way to check it is to remove the keyboard and possibly the palmrest to be able to see the sign on the motherboard just next to the connector for the LCD cable.

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