WTB: AC-100 or AC-200 PSU merger box, or dead/very cheap 4-pin PSU

Discussion in 'Want to Buy Forum' started by Khenglish, May 6, 2019.

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    My P150EM mobo is basically dead and I am switching it out for a P170EM board. I'd rather not swap the mobo power jack to the less efficient P150EM jack to use my modded 330W PSU (it was originally a Dell PSU). This means I need to change out the connector on the PSU.

    I can get a connector from an existing PSU, or from the PSU merger boxes meant for the SLI systems. I cannot find anything cheaper than $60, which seems ridiculous for just wanting one simple connector. I am hoping that someone here can do better. Please let me know if you can sell a merger box, or a PSU in any functional or non-functional state that has the proper 4-pin connector.
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