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    I am creating an invoice for my small business record, with the use of WPS spreadsheet...
    However I am very new to it and so far the only thing I am able to use is =sum() command
    which sums up the prices of individual items.

    In my invoice it basically consists of the basic customers' information and then a table
    of the list of detailed items and services. In the table there are general things like
    Product Name/Code/Unit/Quantity/Sub price etc....

    I'd like to know if it's possible that every time I enter a few letter of the product name or product code
    it will automatically show up the suggested products for me? And then if I choose one of the suggested product then it will automatically fill up the unit price of the item for quantity 1?

    and if the quantity is changed to more than 1 it will automatically multiply the quantity with the unit price and then generates a sub total price?

    How to do that? Is it difficult for someone like me who only knows =sum() so far...

    Thank you all very much!!q
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    I believe in Excel that feature is something called "Data Validation" For example, skip up to 6m:29s into this video to see how Excel handles Data Validation and Lists -

    Assuming that is what you want, search around for "WPS 'Data Validation' List" and see if you can find out more about that functionality within WPS.

    Good Luck.

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