Would those screen fit my laptop?

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    I have a dell latitude 3540 with 1080p screen, the screen got broken so as an emergency the nearby laptop repair shop replaced it with a 768p screen (they only have that).

    Now i want to properly change it back to 1080p screen.

    As i look up on Amazon screen for 3540 (regrettable they are all 768p) like this and this have 344.232 × 193.536 (H×V) size. However most 1080p screen i found is little bit off 344.16(H)×193.59(V) mm.

    Would they fit my laptop?

    Also there are screen with RBG LED that uses LVDS (2 ch, 10-bit) connector, if i buy a LVDS 10 bit cable, would my laptop be about to output the screen?

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