Workaround specific to Clevo P7xxDM/TM-series laptops and USB controller errors

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    Hello there,

    If you come across an issue with your dual-port Thunderbolt 3 ports and the downstream USB Type C port(s) connected to them misbehaving, with Type C devices failing to initialize on such a laptop, here's the fix:


    In Device Manager, you'll see the USB device marked with a warning, stating that the USB device is in "Compliance mode". The entry will look like this when expanded:

    Unknown USB Device (Link In Compliance Mode)
    Device Type: Universal Serial Bus Controllers

    Manufacturer: (Standard USB Host Controller)

    Location: Port_#0022.Hub_#0001 ​

    The fix:

    If you have an unlocked BIOS, such as the Prema BIOS mod, etc, navigate to the Thunderbolt settings and toggle on the "GPIO Filter" setting to "Enabled".

    Other settings of interest that I toggled on in my case (as I rely heavily on Thunderbolt 3 docks and daisy-chained setups), pasted here for reference:

    Thunderbolt(TM) Configuration:
    • Thunderbolt(TM) Support:Enabled
    • Thunderbolt Boot Support: Enabled
    • Wake from Thunderbolt(TM) Devices: On
    • GPIO3 Force Pwr: On
    • Wait time in ms after applying Force Pwr: 200
    • Native OS Hot Plug: On
    • SW SMI on TBT hot-plug:Enabled
    • GPIO filter: Enabled
    • ACPI Notify on TBT Hot-plug: Enabled

    Extra note on GPIO3 Force Pwr option: Leave this on if you're running firmware updates for the Thunderbolt 3 controller and if you're probing around Thunderbolt 3 internals for your own testing. Otherwise, leave it off.
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