Windows XP Sluggish on Latitude E4300

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows XP and Vista' started by hyelton, Jul 31, 2015.

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    I dunno, a mismatched graphics driver can cause much reduced responsiveness. If you've ever ran XP with the default Microsoft graphics driver, you'll know what I mean. Going with the old driver from seems like a halfway decent shot. I know AMD and nVIDIA both discontinued GPU driver support for XP over a year ago, so I'd be surprised if Intel's latest drivers are at all optimized for XP.

    The other thing that comes to mind that might cause XP to be noticeably slower on the same hardware, even after boot, is partitioning. If you have a 4K sector hard drive (most drives since mid-2011 or so), and partitioned it in XP, then the partitioning and the underlying 4K sectors on the disk won't line up, which can cause two disk reads/writes to be done wherever it should be one, and thus slow it down. It's for this reason that when I've installed XP lately, I always partition the disks from Vista first (since Vista's partitioning aligns with 4K disks), and then exit the Vista installer and install XP on the Vista-partitioned disks. Win7 ought to work as well as Vista for that, and you can exit the Win7 installer after partitioning and before burning a key. Nonetheless, I don't think this would be that noticeable in day-to-day activity - during bootup, it might add a bit of time, and during disk-heavy I/O you might notice it (particularly on an HDD), but probably not when, say, posting on NBR.

    If you've got a Synaptics touchpad, as many Dells of that time did, you could also try the Synaptics touchpad drivers, which tend to be a bit newer than Dell's. I've had two-finger multi-touch a la Macintoshes on my XP-based Inspiron 1520 by going with Synaptics drivers instead of Dell's version of them. I personally found Dell's drivers to be a bit smoother for me, so I went back to them, but the Synaptics ones are worth a try if they made your touchpad.

    Finally, you could always try some benchmarks to try to figure out which component is underperforming. If you get a really low score or benchmarks of a certain type won't run, that's probably where to look.
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