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    Welcome to the new sub-forum.

    This is an index of all major Software threads. the main ones are listed up top in large font and more minor ones are at the bottom. Please post security and anti-virus related questions in this sub-forum and Windows 7 questions in this forum.

    NBR's Members Tips and Tweaks Guide for Vista
    Check here for the best tweaks for improving the performance of Vista.
    Tips and Tweaks Guide for XP
    As titled.
    Where's All My Disk Space Going?
    Great guide by Orev. Check here to find out why your hard drive space is disappearing and where it is going to on your Vista Machine. Also includes information of Vista's System Restore and Shadow Copy(number one cause of missing hard drive space).
    Dual-booting guides for every possible scenario
    Dual-Booting allows you to use multiple OSes which can come in handy if you need to test something(or just want to play around ;)). This thread has links on how to dual-boot with different scenarios involving 7, Vista, XP or Linux.
    Creating The Ultimate Installation CD/DVD for Windows XP or Vista
    This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating an unattended Windows installation CD with the latest hotfixes, drivers, DirectX, IE7, WMP11, Office 2007 and any other software that you would like to include on the CD. Remove useless components, apply tweaks and system hacks for the highest possible performance and productivity. Also includes videos.
    Minor threads of interest are listed below. If you have a link to a thread you would like to see added, just post it and I or another moderator will take a look.
    Minor Threads/links

    Show off your Vista (or XP)Desktop
    Show off your Vista or XP desktop. Also includes discussion about ObjectDock and other related enhancments to desktops. Please use thumbnails or small(500x500) images. If you do not know how to do that, see here.

    Guide to Changing your Vista Theme and more...
    This guide is for people who want to their Vista theme to something unique.

    Recommended Sidebar Gadgets
    List of gadgets recommended by forum members to spruce up the Vista Sidebar.
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    What are the latest laptops which still have full driver support for Windows XP?

    I see Dell Latitude Ivy Bridge series are still support XP, but cannot find any Haswell laptop:confused:.

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