Windows Defender Removing Trojan Question?

Discussion in 'Security and Anti-Virus Software' started by Drew1, Jun 5, 2019.

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    I use a program that needs an update once in a while. The program is a safe one as its from certain developers. I noticed when i did the update, i got message of trojan

    win:32/fuerboos/e! cl

    I know that the program i use, many times there are false positives and im pretty certain is it as well. I asked them this and waiting for a response.

    The thing is i am currently doing a virus scan with windows defender keeps on hitting 100%. This rarely ever happens. Its very high percentage. The antimalware service executable is over 85%. Im not doing anything else on this computer.

    Is the reason for this because that trojan or false positive is causing this? The thing is how do i remove this trojan or false positive? I clicked on quarantine i believe but i do not believe i clicked on remove. So where do i remove this or go back to this on windows defender to find it and right click and remove?

    At the moment, im doing the full scan and its going to take a short while.

    Can someone tell me how i delete that trojan if it is indeed a trojan? I know with windows defender, when something like that shows up, you can click on it and remove it... then windows defender does it. But i dont find this option?

    kay i just took a look at when i click on my full history on windows defender it shows

    Alert level: severe

    status: removed

    date : today

    Recommended action: remove threat now

    category: trojan

    details: program is dangerous and executes commands form an attacker

    affected items

    file:c/program files/x86.....

    the name of the affected item is the program that i use .

    Does that mean im fine? Do i need to do full scan of my computer using windows defender?

    Im doing a full scan of my system now... the cpu keeps going up to 100% few times. Does anyone know why? This previously doesn't happen.

    Also is it safe to let the windows defender keep scanning if the cpu is at 100%? Could it cause damage to computer this way?
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