Windows 3.1 Clone

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    And away I go!
    A few weeks ago, I wrote and asked how to install a wireless router on my ThinkPad R51, running XP.
    Not any more: that's all behind me...
    So: I had an HDD that was from another ThinkPad, a 760 LD. Turns out it works just fine in the R51, has a copy of Windows 3.1, and I will now have fun using Windows 3.1.
    My question: what's a good way to transfer the Win 3.1 IDE HDD to an SSD, so that I may keep the original HDD in reserve , and run the R51 on the SSD?
    Of course , the R51 is not On-Line, so the process must be accomplished on another PC. I have one running Win 10 Pro, and another using Win 8.
    Thanks, everyone! Sincerely, Michael.

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