Windows 10 Pro Experience on VPCEA45FG(E - Series)

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    So there it is. This model of mine is almost 6.5 years old! But it runs Windows 10 Pro almost without any kind of problems.

    - PROBLEMS -
    • At startup, there is a regserver32.DLL error. Has no effect on the usage
    • The FN+Screen Brightness option doesn't work.
    • The GPU Once failed to install. Now working perfectly.
    • The Battery Time left meter isn't reliable, 10 mins left for drain, *switches on battery saver*, OS now reads as 3 mins left.
    - The Good -
    • The startup time are superb. Average is almost always 20-30 seconds
    • The laptop is now considerably smoother than when it was running Windows 7
    • Suits the laptop and looks very good.
    • Lights blink like in the OEM version of windows when bettery is low.
    - The Installation -

    • Got a bootable disc.iso
    • Downloaded Rufus and then grabbed my 8GB HP USB stick
    • Did a backup of Win 7 and then used Rufus to make the USB a bootable one.
    • Changed the setting in BIOS
    • Booted the laptop again and it straight away started the installation
    • Selected the partition in which i wanted to install the OS.
    • It again made a precautionary backup of the C disk
    • Installed the OS, Time - 7-10 mins approx
    • Then again rebooted and screen welcomed me. A message was displayed "Setting up some things"
    • Again rebooted and then OS loaded for quite awhile.
    • Finally the OS Booted up Successfully!
    Total time - 30-40 Mins

    The drivers installed successfully except for the GPU. It then installed the next day and works perfectly fine to this day. There is no bug like the screen flicker.

    - Tweaks -

    I've tweaked some of the setting of the OS

    -Enabled the Dark theme, through the registry.
    -Added a custom OEM logo on the system properties menu.
    -Did some customizations with Rainmeter

    The laptop is overall running smooth and safer than before, but I would've liked this update straight from Sony itself. It isn't optimised for the Sony. But on thing is that when the battery drops, the lights flash like the OEM setting.

    - Specs -

    Inter Core i3 M380 @ 2.53GHz
    Ati Hd Mobility Radeon 5470 512 MB DDR3
    4GB DDR3 RAM(3.86GB Usable)
    320 GB Toshiba MK series

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    You probably need to install the Sony utilities again. Go to the Sony support page for your model and download them from there and install them. They need to be installed in a specific order and sometimes with compatibility mode selected. You should look in this forum for a clean install guide for your model (I have a different model, so the instructions for mine are different). That will tell you how to install them. You might need to disconnect from the internet while installing these, or Windows will look for a 'better' driver.

    For best performance and stability, do a clean install. That means you'll have to install all your programs again, as well as re-do all your settings. This is a pain, but it also gets rid of all the junk accumulated over the years.

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