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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by John Ratsey, Jul 19, 2015.

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    Thanks, will do.
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    I used to discuss Series 7 Chronos issues with Dannemand and John Ratsey, but it's been a long time. Maybe someone can recall an easy solution to this issue?

    I recently obtained a secondhand NP700Z5C-S01UB. (The B in the model name apparently denotes a special Best Buy version which had a special BIOS version P00AAS. I don't know if that matters.)

    The problem is, I'm not getting the General menu (or Power Management menu) in Samsung Settings, meaning no keyboard backlight settings. Furthermore, the Fn keys for controlling screen and keyboard backlight brightness aren't working when just Settings is installed. The keyboard backlight just remains stuck at one brightness level. I tried versions and Uninstalling and re-installing Settings doesn't help.

    I also own an NP700Z5C-S02UB, same exact version of Windows, same generic keyboard driver in Device Manager, same version of Settings, and it *doesn't* have this problem! The Fn keys on it properly control the brightness and keyboard backlight brightness, and they produce the black and white OSD pop-ups that better match Windows 10.

    A workaround is to uninstall Settings and install an old version of Easy Display Manager. This actually gets the Fn keys working again on the S01UB and provides working keyboard backlight settings in Control Center. This proves it's not broken hardware. With Easy Display Manager, I will deal with the colorful OSD pop-ups in the center of the screen, lol, and Control Center has a few broken items, but I can live with it; I just thought I'd ask if anyone remembers some simple way to get the black and white OSD pop-ups and Settings working properly? Maybe it's some old registry or configuration setting?

    The offending S01UB Settings:

    The working S02UB Settings:

    The Settings on my S02UB appears to be the same version (, but maybe not? Maybe there's some mishmash of other Settings versions still on it from the past? I don't see any stray instances of dmhkcore or EasyDisplayMgr that might otherwise explain why it's properly handling the Fn keys and OSD, but who knows.

    I'm also aware of a "Settings_OSD_Win10.exe" file under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Settings", but knowing of its existence doesn't actually fix the problem, lol!

    I did come across the following post from someone else with an S01UB where his backlight wasn't working, but I don't have UEFI boot enabled and he was on Windows 7, so I don't know if it would apply:

    Edit: One additional finding, Easy Display Manager's Control Center timer option for the keyboard backlight to turn off doesn't work, so now I've found a practical reason to get Settings working for that!
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