Will an OS reinstall wipe over a trojan/virus attack?

Discussion in 'Security and Anti-Virus Software' started by Simic, Dec 23, 2009.

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    One other thing ... as some others may have noted already, while a format WILL remove infections (provided they are contained to the partition you are formatting), I find this step hardly justifiable (unless of course OS files have been damaged beyond repair).

    First of all, there is no guarantee the infection in question will not return.
    Second, you have to merely protect your system with an adequate antivirus solution.
    Whether that's a free or a paid one is entirely up to you (though if you go for the free option, which is more than enough btw, then either use MSE or Avira ... Avast has lower detection rates and is a bit more resource intensive).

    Keep in mind that most infections can be removed before they do serious harm to the OS.
    If they cannot be removed during standard OS operations, then you should be able to remove them by booting into Safe Mode and scanning your system from there (if you have anti-spyware solutions, update them, and scan the system from safe mode as well).

    Once removed, your system is no longer compromised (unless they manage re-infect the system from other sources or bypass your protection).

    As I said, a full format is not really necessary and can often be avoided with simple precautionary measures that were mentioned by others and myself.
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