Wifi Connection Really Bad On One Floor?

Discussion in 'Networking and Wireless' started by Drew1, May 14, 2021.

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    If you have a cable outlet that's active on the 1st floor that would be ideal for coverage. If there's not one active on the 1st floor then you could attach the cable for it where the signal comes into the house to make it active. This takes all but a couple of minutes to do and verify.
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    What do you mean cable outlet that is active on the first floor? Im not sure what you mean by that. We do have outlets in the first floor. What I dont understand is where does the coax cable from the second floor play into this? Because i thought the modem had to be connected to the coax cable in the second floor? Because if you bring the CM to the first floor, isn't the coax cable on the second floor? Again im not there right now to check it.

    Also, they set up the new tp link router recently. They just reset the modem, didn't unplug it. They then added the tp link router. They had a friend help them... it is someone who has verizon fios but they figure well it should be similar. Now here is the thing... i asked them to check the speedtest in all the locations in the house. And this is what it looks like before and after... thus old netgear n600 modem vs the new tp link 2600 router.

    We are paying for 200mbps for cable internet but because our old netgear n600 router gives max 100mbps... well that would be the most mbps we get.

    Our modem and router is in second floor and is put towards the middle/northern end of the second floor.

    In the basement but in the other end of it...we get around 21 mbps only. Now its 70mbps.

    In the middle of the basement... we get around 50mbps. Now its 208mbps.

    In the first floor but in the other end of it, we get around 21 mbps only. Now its 163 mbps

    In the middle of the first floor we get around 50 mbps. Now its 219mbps.

    Now in the first floor doorway, we only get 3 mbps. Now its 58 mbps.

    Also that is right next to the first floor but in the other end of it... except there is a wall dividing it. So imagine if there was no wall before that area and the room in the first room... its like few steps away. So is that a big thing? I had no idea the speedtest is that little there.

    So would you say this is a huge improvement. Again they just installed the new tp link router recently and these speeds should be more than good? Thus no need for an extender or consider mesh right?

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