Why no chatter about the GE65 Raider?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by redmop, Aug 21, 2019.

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    The GE65 performance-wise I think is better than the GS65. Just looking at the thermal capability with the heatsinks and heatpipe you can tell the GE65 will have less problem with cooling and thermals than the GS65.

    It all comes down to TB3 and Aesthetics really.

    Better thermals
    Thicker PSU
    Thicker overall
    5 lbs~
    +2.5" Drive upgradeability
    +easy to access everything, not upside down chassis (GS65)
    "Gamer" look

    Okay thermals
    Slim PSU
    Chasis + screen = GE65's Chasis
    Thin and Light @ 4 lbs~
    "Professional/productive" look, something to take to starbucks, cafe, or library lol

    Most of the synopsis goes to if you want GT performance and GS portability the GE is the middle ground. If you want "sleek" light portability then the GS is there but IMO its not for heavy gamers, I don't see why they have the i9 version w/ the 2080. At least with the GE you can have a full 2070 configuration.

    Whats funny is while the GS is all "sleek" and nice looking, I've had more head turning and people talking to me when I bust out a GT laptop lol.. they're more amazed with how big it is and don't even know what the internals have.
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    The GS series really can't handle the full Mobile TDP, even with TDP mod, at 100W it is already reaching 80C. At 115W it'd reach 86~88C (That's with fan running on 6760 rpm, although I haven't used LM on mine) from my testing after a long gaming session. So yeah for heavy gaming, GE is a pretty good balance, it's just that the battery is a little small if you work on battery.
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    Porter, do you have the GE75 now? How do you like it for gaming (which games do you usually play on it)? How does the GE75's size feel? Is it bulk looking/feeling?
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    I use the ge75, with the i9 9880h and 2080. I upgraded from a ge73.
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    Yes I still have it.

    It games great after undervolt and limiting CPU boost a bit (on stock paste and no interest in repasting). I like the max fan button, wish all laptops had that as an option but many have no way to control fans at all. Keyboard and screen are great to me. Port selection is good too and love the 3 drive slots. I play all sorts of games but I prefer open world games, RPG's, FPS's, like Skyrim, Fallout 4, Forza Horizon 4, Far Cry 5, Borderlands 3 and RDR2. Most times I'm on an external 144hz display with separate mouse and keyboard at my desk.

    It feels slim compared to many of the desktop replacement laptops I've used and the chassis is quite small for a 17" It's barely any bigger than the footprint of my other 15" laptop but it's half as thick and performs in games better. It's still not super portable though, and the battery won't last even close to all day so not good for school or carrying around the house daily IMO. It works fine for carrying to friends house or to work occasionally though.

    Other than gimping the CPU to avoid throttling I really have nothing bad to say about it. From my experience all thin laptops will throttle some (and some thick ones do too). Even with that said, I really would have loved to have the 9880H model to play with instead of the 8750H.

    I got mine much cheaper from Amazon warehouse and has been a great machine overall. Even talked my nephew into getting one since I had such good luck with it. At the price point I got mine at I basically got a similar machine as ones priced 1k higher, so although money isn't my top concern it was nice to get one I like better and was actually cheaper.
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    I just bought a GE65 Raider, the 431 model with the GTX 1660Ti.

    I don't do gaming. The heaviest thing I'll do on this is video editing and figured a gaming laptop would have the specs to handle that. Didn't need RTX graphics for that, so saved some money there.

    I liked the fact that it has 2 M.2 slots and an HDD for storage. In doing YT research, I found that the GS model I was originally looking at had the flipped MB and I didn't like that. The vented bottom panel and easy access to the MB of the GE was a big selling point for me. Only real negative for me is the small wH battery, but I figure, the laptop will be seldom be used portable and always plugged in while using so.............Compromise.

    Plus, I'm hoping this will be miles above my old Dell Vostro 1510 in performance. That thing is running on the Sata 1 spec. Oops, I think I just aged myself. lol

    Haven't received the Raider yet from Amazon but when I do, I'm glad to see there might be a few of us around here.

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