Why I went back for Mac and why

Discussion in 'Apple and Mac OS X' started by Dida86, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Yep. That being said, my son broke his iPhone last year, and the “genius” on the phone quoted me the wrong price for the repair, after my phone was sent, he called to inform me of the mix up. He also advised me since he screwed up, I do not have to pay anything for the repair. I cannot complain about that.
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    You cannot be serious. I get the bad speakers, trackpad etc. argument, but keyboard and temperatures is not an argument for the macbook. The new keyboards are absolutely garbage and teh temperature on the macbook is insanely bad. It doesn't have proper cooling at all.

    I have a macbook myself and honestly without the mods I did to it I am pretty convinced it would have died on me years ago. MacOS is a disaster as well, at least linux supports macbooks decently.

    The list goes on, apples crapbooks are not worth the money. Your mistake was to go for a thin and light gaming notebook, you simply took the wrong route. Honestly go for a business class notebook and you'll never want to go back. You should give those beasts a shot.

    HP for instance makes some extremely nice business class notebooks, which absolutely crap on macbooks in build quality, thermals, performance etc. They feel increadibly premium and are worth every cent, the support is absolutely amazing, and the notebooks are absolutely perfect for non gaming.

    Macbooks are good for people who do nothing else but facebook and youtube. That's it. Despite modding my macbook I do not really want to do anything demanding on it because despite my modding the temps are downright scary and the logicboard is absolutely garbage.
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