Why I went back for Mac and why

Discussion in 'Apple and Mac OS X' started by Dida86, Jun 12, 2018.

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    after stressing myself out for a while I finally concluded to go back to Mac, nobody asked for this thread and opinion, but maybe some of you like to have some guidance in choosing the best device for yourself.

    What did I go for? A Macbook pro 13 from 2016, 512 GB storage, 16GB RAM, no touch bar! :D

    For real power I got a desktop with a 8700k, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080ti :)

    So, I sold my (still beloved) Macbook Pro Retina from 2013, I only had 8GB of RAM, I am using Virtual Machines a lot, so I went for a hunt last year, checking out the following devices:
    - Alienware 15R3, GTX 1070, 7700HQ a.s.o - It ran hot, display was ok, but the tripod design on it caused it to have an uneven contact to the CPU die which I couldn't fix by any manners, I got rid of it
    - Dell XPS 15 9560 4k - nice machine but the keyboard was mushy, trackpad was misaligned, bad speakers, coil whine

    I took my decisions then and went for a MBP 15, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage, Touchbar, for 3.300€ which is a lot of money. I used it for one year and noticed that I hated to use the touchbar, and for me especially, using vim a lot, the Escape key is crucial, mapping it to the Shift lock key didn't help a lot there, still hitting ESC on that damn touchbar, also during simple typing, I hit it, heard the "fault" noise a lot :D
    The top of the nightmare started when I noticed that my screen is getting stains from the Keyboard, some of them even made scratches. And I used a cloth EACH time I used it, washed my hands before any usage, even dried them specially....

    I thought for myself: Enough is enough, sell the damn thing, you are starting to hate the "features" of it way too much.

    Did that, tried an Alienware again, 15R4, same issue, hotter processor, went back. Alienware 13R3 - very nice machine, but came with a nick on the bottom, out of the production plant...went back.

    After much of reading and thinking I went for an XPS 13 9370, same specs as the MBP 15 before (of course with a i7 8550u, no 45W CPU. Loved it until I started to notice the flimsy USB-C Ports, even the charging cable falls out...the screen has very nice still images but has a big load of ghosting and scaling that screen in Linux is a nightmare (I need and want something Unix/Linuxish natively running) even with fractional scaling in Gnome, KDE scales nicer, but this was showing horizontal strange lines when typing in any text editor when scaled properly for that screen. Aaaand the ghosting :D

    Bought a GS65, very nice, fast machine, a bit loud, but the casing was so terribly miserable, creaking even when just staring at it, trackpad was fine, keyboard too, I liked the screen, no bleed, no ghosting etc.

    But if you are spending so much money, or at least me spending so much money: I want to feel it. I want to feel it in every detail. Yes Apple has keyboard issues, yes I hate the damn touchbar. I thought about buying a 2015 15 Model, but the price and the rather old CPU wasn't anything for me actually, not in 2018 (ok, the recent Macs are not on spec too now, but hey, that CPU is at least 3 years old)

    Where were my choices? I want quality, something that works, something that can scale it's screen perfectly, something that has a good feel to is and that is stury, not creaking, software and gui wise - yeah I use Windows 10 on my Desktop, mostly for gaming or running linux for my VMs - scaling is easy, 27 inch @4k - double resolution - fine. But on notebooks things are not the same, and this is were Apple starts to shine:
    Software which is working. Software that is working perfectly with the hardware. No issues, just start it up, put it to sleep, actually never reboot, because you don't need it.

    I thought for myself - the cheapest model, not for it's price, but for it's simplicity, without the touch bar, is perfect. It's just a fine machine to use, nothing more, nothing less.

    Ok, doing some VMs might take a bit longer, fine, but hey, I spend less time in finding THE device :D

    I am not a fanboy, believe me, but for me it's the best device.
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    The best setup is a Macbook Pro and a gaming desktop. Gaming laptops are simply not reliable, and for the most part the average person isn't nearly as mobile as he/she thinks they are where a desktop would suffice. In fact some desktops (Gaming Desktops) have gotten so small that they themselves are nearly as portable as a 17 inch gaming laptop. For instance the Corsair One.

    I've owned nearly 6 gaming laptops and have finally come to Mac and I couldn't be happier with the decision of going to that combo. I have yet to touch a notebook anywhere close to as reliable as my macbook pro, the additional features the macbook provides like sync with imessages and even phone calls make the macbook even better as a portable machine to use in bed or on the go.
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