Why do people recommend MBAM over SAS?

Discussion in 'Security and Anti-Virus Software' started by Kaspersky666, Feb 17, 2012.


Which is your favorite spyware/trojan scanner besides your Antivirus that you run?

  1. SUPERAntiSpyware Pro

  2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

  3. Spybot S & D

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  4. Ad-Aware

  5. Emsisoft Anti-Malware

  6. Other, please mention in the thread

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    Did you also take into account earlier tests? Just focusing on one test period is not of much use. Some AV's will perform better in Q1, then others in Q2, others in Q3 etc.
    Not longer than a year ago, some test results made users conclude Avira was close-to-death.
    Agreed, an AV like Avast offers more granularity and offers several 'shields' but some folks don't need to have a dedicated email scanner when they all do it online only, not everyone uses Outlook/Eudora etc.
    Most folks here also won't click blindly on dodgy links/emails/etc and therefore don't need 'extra's' that other AV users actually like.

    No use calling MSE users 'idiots' and no use calling MSE a virus either.
    Jugling numbers is useless also, in your linked AV-C PDF, MSE outscores Avast in pro-active detection, that doesn't mean Avast became useless...
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    Tnx Baserk (no point in adding anything in particular since I agree with what you wrote).


    Might I make a suggestion you write your posts in a more neutral capacity?
    Seriously, just what is the point of your apparently enraged post and insulting remarks?
    By the way, that AV comparatives pdf link you posted rates MSE higher than Avast.

    Point being as Baserk already stated, AV's perform differently in different time frames.
    Furthermore, not everyone requires insane amount of 'shields' that Avast for example offers since a lot of individuals view emails online and do not open unknown attachments, and they have a tendency to surf whilst implementing some 'common sense' on top of everything.

    Also, if you want people to take you a bit more seriously, do learn to be a bit more civil (oh and learning to write proper English wouldn't hurt either, because right now, you come off as a mumbler who lashes out at people that don't conform to what you think).

    Finally, MSE in my personal experience (and that of many other people in real life) is far from being a virus. McAfee on the other hand is much closer to that statement along with AVG.
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