Which Ryzen processor that doesn't bottleneck a single GTX 1080?

Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by Midas Touch, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Yup, I termed it as giving Intel a "time out" to think about what they did wrong, get their act back together, and start supporting LGA socket with real / long term support, and real CPU performance increases.

    None of this Intel slo-mo tick / tock crap - counting the seconds as years... very freaking funny. Insult added to purposeful injury is what it looks like to me.

    Intel: Haha we got's the tech, and we aren't going to give it to you, gonna drag it out over your entire lifetime instead of a couple of years.

    Think again Intel!! Enjoy your Time Out. :D

    I'd say 3-5 years outta be about right, maybe longer if Intel doesn't start dropping prices.o_O
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    We're mostly saying the same things. But where the group below is concerned; they're ignoring that the latest Intel offerings is cheaper and more powerful than what AMD offers.

    The OP is asking for pure performance; in gaming. If a GTX 1080 GPU is throttled with an AMD platform... it shouldn't be considered. And yeah; it is throttled. Next.

    If/when AMD beats down Intel like you all wish for - it will just be 'everyone against AMD' at that point. This isn't your friend. This isn't family. This is a corporation driven by one goal; mega$$$$. Whoever is on top will be just as loathsome as the one at the top now.

    With DT and notebook sales slipping for the last few years, do you really think Intel was 'holding back' in what it could offer? Think about that.

    Do you really think that Intel is giving us today what it should have in circa 2010?

    If the above is really true. What the $#$#$@#$ was AMD doing back then?

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    Intel has a plan with it's tech IP. AMD seems to have one too (at least for the short/medium term).

    AMD is still catching up. If you support AMD just to get back at Intel; that is how progress is slowed down.

    Reward the best products (always). That is what brings real competition.

    Also; don't forget that I always state 'buy as much processor (and RAM) as you can afford' - so those points below are moot too.

    Where is the OP?

    Have we helped or are we (all?) guessing wrong on his real/actual questions within the couple of posts in this thread he has provided?

    @Midas Touch?

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    Sorry if I wasn't able to read all the comments here, though I read some but I wasn't able to respond. I was having a problem with my laptop. It was 2 hours right after I created this thread the laptop started to show signs of failure and I have to find a way to fix it, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling windows, etc. so I wasn't really able to read the new comments here.

    It was just right this moment at the time of this writing that the laptop also got fixed and its already 1:32 AM where I'm from...I'm exhausted so I will get back to this thread again and read all the informational comments that you guys made but that doesn't mean I neglected them, I really appreciate them I really do.

    Thanks guys and hope you understand.
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    Why do you think inte released x299 with those cheap i5 and i7 then? Only because any person with righ mind would bjy it! X299 is like, it will be "latest and best" chipset for years, and so intel, for sake of mid range gamers released thos i5 and i7 x series! So that when coffelake x (maybe)get released, then users dont have to throw more money on the MoBo!
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    Intel still is a fracking monopoly; they couldn't care less about end-users and their upgrade paths.
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    TIL Intel is in the fracking business.

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