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Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by cognus, Apr 4, 2020.

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    the L560 I recently setup, from Microsoft Media [not factory Lenovo] Window 10 v1909 up to date.. keyboard acts sometimes like there's a second person at work when the real person is typing - random keys get signaled, often interfering with everything. It is in the hands of the real user, and I somewhat doubted the report I got, so I logged in remotely and observed. Sure enough, I saw it firsthand when she typed in a web search and whilst typing, the browser's built-in Debugger pane popped up unexpectedly - which one would think required a Fn+key of some sort. I never saw such when I was setting up.

    Checking around: my own trusty older T430, that is immaculate, just uses an ordinary MSFT generic driver. No issues. My ASUS Ultrabook uses similar - a vintage 2006 "Enhanced" PS/2 type kbd driver - no issues.
    But somehow, in the Control Panel, there exists a "Lenovo Keyboard" group, that is null. when one double-clicks it, a phantom popup flashes then disappears. there's nothing in the container. We do have the Ultranav drivers for Touchpad and other than the usual accidental touches, it works fine, but the user wisely turned it off altogether and went mouse.

    Any ideas? if one of you has a well-typing L560, would you mind telling me or imaging to the thread the driver that is loaded?


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