Which GE75 RTX 2080 or 2070 Difference is 500$ is it Worth It

Discussion in 'MSI' started by davaid, May 28, 2019.

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    Absolutely, all of these things are highly subjective and depend on how important they are to you. For example if you are use to higher framerates on a desktop and high frame rate monitor then getting a good 20-30fps could be a huge difference. Certainly going from 60 fps to 80-90fps can be a massive experience improvement. Likewise maybe you keep the lower framerate but increase the visual settings. It also depends on the type of game too, games that have an ancored 3D camera like in first or third person games with a lot of high speed movement those frames could make a huge difference. Top down or iso style cameras a whole lot less.

    To be clear in my original post I personally recommended going the 2070 and getting the VR based on " I am a casual games not everyday gamer or long terms".

    The 2080 is the best laptop GPU and I think that's not really necessary unless you already know those fps are worth it. For the record I am waiting for my GE75 2080 9880h to be delivered in a few days, but I also have a desktop rig with a 2700x, 1080ti, and UW 34" 120hz monitor. I'm definitely a big gamer but I think most of those things aren't worth it for people that aren't since they just wont get that value.

    Basically I fully agree with
    "I don't think it's as important in VR or casual gaming when dealing with high end hardware."

    I still would vote the 2070 for anyone but a serious gamer.
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