Which 4K screen; also, is the 17" R5 matte screen okay for documents/text?

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    I've been reading posts about G-Sync and Optimus, and if I got this right I believe I need to avoid G-Sync if I want to use Optimus. I'm about ready to buy an Alienware 17 R5 with a 4K screen, but there are two choices listed (Canada) one without G-Sync, and one with G-Sync for $50 more. I definitely want to be able to use the Intel 630 often (don't game much) so would love to get confirmation if the non- G-sync screen is the right one.

    And if you can grant this newbie a SECOND question (!), how heavy is the non-glare coating on the 17" R5 4K screen? Getting a glossy 4K screen (my preference, based on my needs and lighting in the room) on any 17" laptop that I'd be interested in is impossible... so I'm just looking for the lightest anti-glare option available. Any experience or comparison with the Thinkpad P71 4K screen would be especially appreciated.

    Thanks millions!

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