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Discussion in 'Asus' started by jacobxaviermason, Apr 18, 2009.

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    I got a message from someone trying to overclock an Asus G50 with setfsb, who ran into the same problem I did: The setfsb autotool doesn't currently work with these.

    No problem, because you can make your own startup entry for setfsb using this method (note that these instructions are for one specific situation, but I hope it gets across the general idea):

    No, I didn't get the autotool to work, but there is a pretty easy alternative:
    You need to create a shortcut to setfsb.exe and add -w# [that's space,minus,w,and a number] (to tell it how many seconds to delay before applying settings) and -s# [space,minus,s,and a number] (to tell it what fsb to overclock to).
    Then you need to copy that shortcut into the startup folder in the start menu and you're done.

    Note that the "s number" you tell teprogram isn't your real fsb because the program doesn't properly display the actual speed of the bus on the G50.

    I have my P8400 set to OC to 2.60, which setfsb tells me is at a FSB speed of 230. So my shortcut looks like this:
    "C:\Users\Jacob\Desktop\Benchmarks, cracks, etc\setfsb_2_1_93_0\setfsb.exe" -w0 -s230

    That means a delay of 0 seconds, and the program will automatically overclock to fsb of 230 (which actually means a cpu speed of 2.6ghz) when activated.

    In your case you should probably need to set yours for -s247 (to get 2.8ghz.

    Also, sometimes the computer crashes when you oc too fast, so you might make two shortcuts--one to overclock part way (say to 2.5ghz), and the other with a longer delay -w9 or something to overclock the rest of the way.

    The one problem I've found with setfsb (and I don't know if the autotool fixes this) is that after putting your laptop to sleep it resets the fsb. So I just put the same shortcut in my quick-launch bar and select it any time I wake up my computer.

    If anyone sets their fsb too high and can't get windows to start, try rebooting in safe mode and just deleting the shortcut from the startup folder.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions people have about specific situations--it just might take a couple of days...

    For anyone who doesn't know, the G50 is best overclocked with the ICS9LPR604AGLF pll. I'm using SetFSB version

    Happy Easter!

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    nice info +rep
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